Finding out about my second pregnancy

Here’s a bit of back story to how my first baby came about. I was diagnosed with PCOS and subsequently secondary infertility. I went through two years of tests, monitoring and hormonal therapy to conceive my beautiful boy.

Fast forward to now and we’re thinking about round two which I’ve always been told would be a very similar process if successful at all. My doctor took me off my contraceptive pill and booked my initial scan to see how polycystic my ovaries are at the moment. This would be followed by fertility blood panels every month for three to four months to establish hormone levels. Then the infamous Coronavirus hit so all non urgent medical referrals were immediately put on the back burner.

My husband, son and I settled into lockdown. We did dates at home, got out as much as possible and invested virtual social time into our friends and family. It was our 4th wedding anniversary in April and we dressed up and had a three course dinner at home to celebrate – it was lovely!

Towards the end of April I started getting multiple headaches and stomach cramps. A friend of mine and my mom said that maybe I should take a pregnancy test. I laughed at them at first but because I was still drinking (we were in lockdown afterall) my husband got me a test.

I was so convinced that it wasn’t possible that I was pregnant that I didn’t even tell my husband I was doing the test!

I was pregnant!

What a surprise when the test came back positive! Positive?

When you have been diagnosed with secondary fertility and struggled for two years to conceive…a spontaneous pregnancy is completely unexpected and quite a shock.

The first month after finding out I was terrified. A two year age gap was not something we wanted or planned. Ideally three to four years as a gap so that our son was in preschool at the very least!

Alex and his lockdown hair announce baby number two!

Now we’re six months in and we’re feeling excited but still a little overwhelmed!

I have been so lucky that my PCOS hasn’t prevented me from having children and that I was able to conceive not one but two babies.

For other PCOS sufferers waiting for their time. Don’t lose hope. There are fantastic doctors and lots of options.

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