Hand, foot and mouth in babies

When your baby has a fever and a rash and you’re a first time mom – you probably panic. I did.

I took Alex in to see the doctor as soon as they would see him and the doctor sent him straight to the children’s hospital because he had a temperature, fast heart rate and a rash that wasn’t all blanching.

My husband was over an hour away and one of my friends rushed to our aid, not only getting us to the hospital but staying with us and keeping me calm while we waited.

Alex presented with a small spotty rash to start with accompanied by temperatures, loss of appetite and general grumpiness.

Day one

This rash came up on his legs and stomach at first.

Hand, foot and mouth is viral so you just have to wait it out.

Within 24 hours the rash was red, angry and scabby…

Day two
Day two

The final spots came up around his mouth…

Day three

One of the first symptoms is a sore throat which would explain the loss of appetite.

On the Wednesday night his fever hit 39.6 °C and he was really upset, a lot of screaming and super unsettled. I took him back to the doctor the next day and they diagnosed him with tonsillitis as well and gave him a course of antibiotics. We went home, ready to buckle down for another few rough days.

And then Alex stopped drinking and we had no wet nappies for almost 12 hours. I made the decision to call an ambulance and the paramedics agreed that he was in dangerous territory and possibly dehydrated so they took him in.

The doctors prescribed some throat spray which made an immediate difference and Alex started taking small bits of fluid almost right away.

Alex is doing much better now but his rash is still bad and he has blisters on his hands and feet now. He’s finished his antibiotics and is eating again for the first time in ages.

I just wanted to share some of what got us through this spell of illness!

  • Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for pain relief
  • Throat spray was a godsend
  • Yogurt to balance his tummy and because it was nice and soft. The antibiotics brought on explosive nappies!
  • Cold fruit pouches for when they’re ready to eat again

There were a few nights when I only got an hour or so of sleep and Alex was so demanding because be wasn’t well. It was really tough and I’m exhausted but the little mite is finally on the mend and if we can get through it, I guarantee you can too!

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