Are baby swimming classes worth it?


When I was a child, around seven or eight years old we lived in a little close with two other houses and our neighbours one over lost their two year old son in a drowning accident. I remember the funeral and the tiny white coffin and it affected me for many years because we knew the family and had interacted with the little boy. It was such a tragedy and it is for this reason that I swore if I ever had children that I would take them to swimming classes as soon as possible so if the worst were to ever happen they would have a fighting chance of knowing how not to panic.

So this is why I feel they are. I think that if you can teach your child life skills that could potentially keep them safe, you do it. The point of taking a baby to swimming classes is not to generate a prodigy who can swim lengths by 6 months, its to make the water a non scary thing.

Babies learning to swim

We have been taking our son to swimming classes since he was 14 weeks old. He is now 7 months old and within that time he has learnt to float on his back, jump into the water, swim with clothes on, hold onto the side and be dunked.

He won’t be able to swim for a while but every lesson we increase his chances of not panicking should he ever be in a dangerous situation.

Baby swimming lessons

There are several swimming groups in the UK, the biggest being Waterbabies and Puddle Ducks , we are Puddle Ducks and have really enjoyed our sessions. Baby swimming classes are expensive. The average class is £14.00 per 30 minutes.

Not only is it a key skill but its a really lovely bonding activity for you and your babe, there is a lot of skin to skin as well as their total trust in you, which while being unfounded is truly beautiful.

This isn’t only about teaching Alex such a vital skill. I have always been a child of the water and sharing this with my son has been so great. We have such a fun time (although the getting two people dry and dressed is exhausting afterwards!) and Alex smiles and laughs and is always up for trying new things so it’s super for his confidence as well!

What classes do you take your babies to?

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