Women’s Day: Mental Health Counsellor

As someone who struggles with their own mental health, finding Bryce on Instagram was such a blessing. On a daily basis @motherhood.interrupted is a source of uplifting quips about how to get through your day, stop beating yourself up and appreciating what is around you. A trained therapist, Bryce shares some remarkable nuggets that pretty much 100% of the time have me nodding along and feeling a little stronger for it.
As well as mental health for everyday life, we get an insight into some pretty poignant thoughts that Bryce shares with us. Imagine having a friend who says something kind or shares something that makes you feel more confident with you every morning…if you have one of those, great. If not, follow Bryce on Instagram because I promise you she knows what she’s talking about and she sure has hell has lifted me up with her wisdom.


1.What inspired you to start sharing your story?
In my personal and professional life I share my stories and assist others in sharing their own. Through this process I’ve come to see how much value this can have on healing and connecting humans who might not have crossed paths otherwise. Instagram seemed like a fitting platform to share my voice and meet my goals of making mental health and well-being as normal and accessible as physical health care.
2.What does female empowerment mean to you?
Wow, this question is harder than I thought it would be. Concisely, I feel like female empowerment is an awareness that girls and women can make their own paths forward in their lives and that they alone set the limits for how far those paths travel.
3.What advice would you give to 18 year old you?
I would tell 18 year old me that if you want something, find a way to make it happen. I always thought that there was a perfect time for me to accomplish things in my life, and that I needed to do things in a particular order. As I have gotten older one of my greatest lessons, is that there will never be a “perfect” time, so why not now?
4.Where do get your daily inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from my children and my clients. My children because they inspire me to be a better version of myself everyday. And my clients because they show so much strength and vulnerability in simply coming to therapy and being dedicated to their own healing and growth. They have all taught me so much about working on myself and the power of connection, which I hope to share with my work in real life and on social media platforms.

5.How do you think gender equality needs to improve?

I think it all comes down to improving access to education for women globally and empowering them to have a greater voice in their communities. If women can find power within themselves and have opportunities to experience success then we all win.
6.What three things would you tell young women of the next generation?
-Be curious about life. Ask questions and seek answers.
-Find your people. The ones who inspire you, support you and tell you the truth, even when you don’t like it.
-Prioritize your mental health. Know what makes you happy, what makes you sad and how to help yourself… and if you can’t, ask for help.
7.What three things do you wish you could fix in the world?
Oh my goodness, so much! I really try and focus on the things in the world that are going well, because thinking about the other side, sometimes feels so overwhelming. But if I could change anything…
– I would like every child to have a safe and loving home to develop and grow within.
– I would like every human to have access to quality medical care despite their socioeconomic or geographic location.
– I would like people to be kinder to one another and realize that at our core, we are all more alike than different.
8.What makes you feel grateful everyday?
After dealing with infertility and loss I started to wonder if I would ever have the privilege of having children and being a Mom. Now that I have my two, I have moments where I’m overcome with gratitude for them. I seriously tear up, like once a day, marveling that this is my life. I am also eternally grateful that I was born into my family of origin and had a childhood filled with love, respect and appreciation. That foundation has shaped every aspect of my life.

9.If you could have dinner with three inspirational women (dead or alive) who and why?

Oprah: I admire how she has inspired women to invest in themselves and continues to do so with her work educating young women. She has also been incredibly open about her ups and downs in life, including childhood trauma which has undoubtedly benefited countless women. As a bonus, I bet she throws a great dinner party!
Julia Child: I would love to share a meal with Julia and hear about her travels and her pursuit of her life’s passion. I find her so interesting due to her early career working for the US government and her passion for cooking, which didn’t blossom until later in her life. She broke so many social norms for her day and charmed people with her relatable persona. I am also touched by her and her husband’s marriage that appeared loving and respectful and most of all happy, even as a childless couple during a time women were expected to be mothers.
Melinda Gates: I find Melinda inspiring for all of the good she and her husband have done with their vast fortune. They could simply sit back, but instead have chosen to donate billions to changing the world. She particularly places emphasis on supporting the girls and women of the world, which of course, speaks to my heart.
10.How do you want to make other women feel with your content?
I want my content to help other women gain awareness for their mental health and well-being everyday. I think so often our mental health is only discussed when things are “bad”, but tending to our mental health on a daily basis with the same care we give our physical body can be so powerful. Being able to do this while fulfilling the role of mother is so important, and I hope I can share that importance with others.
Go and give @motherhood.interrupted a follow!
You will be greeted with respect and made to feel like that strength we all have deep inside is more accessible than we think.
Mental health, particularly for hopeful and current moms, is the area of focus and she really knows how to make you feel like you’re on the up and up!

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