Women’s Day : Body Positivity

Kristyn Dingman – what a woman. I stumbled across her on Instagram as I was desperately seeking solace in my struggle to accept my postpartum body. If you want to feel like you can kickstart your journey to self-love and need someone to lead you, Kristyn is the woman for the job.

Kristyn runs an open account where she shares the reality of what a postpartum body looks like and she doesn’t just accept herself, she celebrates her body and encourages all women to learn to do the same. And let’s not forget about the bravery of this lovely lady when the world is crawling with nasty trolls, she bared her insecurities and in doing so made her followers (myself included) feel empowered and there is NOTHING more awesome than a woman who empowers other women (in my opinion).

Kristyn is authentic in her vulnerability and it, and she, are beautiful. Here’s a little view into why she does what she does;

1.What inspired you to start sharing your story?

I was going through a really hard time trying to see the positivity in my changing body after pregnancy. I was sick and tired of seeing moms on social media with scar free bellies, free of dark circles under their eyes and picturesque photos they were posting that it just made me angry. At this point, I felt like it was my duty to share with the world what motherhood really looks like. This is where my story began. I wanted to share my real-world experiences and journey toward self-love so that I could hopefully help others feel assured and supported.


2.What does female empowerment mean to you?
Female empowerment is all about defining your values. You need to constantly be making YOU a priority regardless of fear of judgment. Female empowerment is making sure that women of all shapes and sizes are being valued based on the contents of our character rather than by our appearances. The more we normalize female empowerment as apart of our every day lives, the more the world will begin to understand and accept who we are as strong women.
3.What advice would you give to 18 year old you?
Don’t stress about petty things. You have such a bright future and your worth is significant. Enjoy that donut!


4.Where do get your daily inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from a few different places. My #1 inspiration comes from my husband. He has supported me without question and continues to encourage me to continue my journey toward self-love. Second, would be from the amazing mamas and body positive humans on social media. I make sure to try and follow others with similar messages and passions.


5.How do you think gender equality needs to improve?
I don’t think gender equality needs a lesson on how to make women stronger or have a bigger voice (we are strong and know we can talk loud), but I think it is more about defining what that strength looks like and what it means. It is also not about taking away equality for men so that women have more. It is not like a pie and it does not have a numerical value associated to it. It’s all about bring awareness to all sexes that we are all significant and important, not only when it seems fitting.

6.What three things would you tell young women of the next generation?

  1. You are enough
  2. Do not conflict with other women for the attention of a man.
  3. You can do absolutely anything as long as you believe and put in the effort to succeed.


7.What three things do you wish you could fix in the world?
1. I would love to eliminate self-doubt.

  1. I would love for the stigma of curvy women to be obliterated.
  2. I would love to ensure that all human beings saw our differences as positives rather than negatives.


8.What makes you feel grateful everyday?
My ability to be called a mother, wife, daughter, friend and stranger is what I am grateful for everyday. I get to be so many things for so many people and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

9.If you could have dinner with three inspirational women (dead or alive) who and why?

Oooo good question!

Oprah– duh! She is an incredible public speaker, strong advocate for change and she empowers women and encourages others to fight for what they believe in. @oprah

Amy Schumer – I like people who tell it like it is and if anyone does that without a filter it is Amy. She is crazy funny, relatable even though she is a celebrity and flat out honest. I like her fire and authentic manner. @amyschumer

Jenna Kutcher– She is a wonder woman with so many talents. She is the definition of a strong woman. She is such an inspiration and a constant reminder to put on a positive attitude everyday when you get out of bed. She rocks and is a really amazing mama, photographer, business owner and influencer. @jennakutcher

10.How do you want to make other women feel with your content?

My goal by sharing my story is to hopefully influence everyone to feel confident in who they are as a human being. Whether that means you are learning to love your body, you’re building confidence or simply seeking positivity to boost your mental health, I would love to provide support and reinforcement for anyone and everyone that I can to achieve their personal goals of self-love.


I feel honoured to be able to share Kristyn’s journey with you and I urge you to not only support this strong, beautiful mama but take a leaf out of her book 🙂

Visit her blog here and head on over to her Instagram, give her a follow and show her some love!

© All images are property of Kristyn Dingman

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