How to set up home photo studio

I was desperate to get newborn photos taken of our little man but the cost just could not be justified for us. I did a college photography course years ago but my skills are hardly anything to write home about. We got some lovely milestone blocks sent from a friend in Florida which spurred me on to get a little home studio set up to take milestone photos.

Natural light makes all the difference so I chose our son’s nursery as there is a great big window that the morning light floods into between 9am and 1pm.

I used his cot as a support and hung a duvet over the side to make a cushioned area to set him up on and covered this with a white sheet to give the images a crispness and show up his features and his outfits.

I googled safe newborn posing but was too scared to pose him in any of the fancy ways that they do so I stuck to popping him on his side and on his back.

Here are some of our photos;

I use my Huawei p20 to take the photos and I left the sheet creased because I didn’t want it to be too stuffy!

Little man was 12 weeks on Christmas day so I used his nursing pillow covered in a sheet to pose him under the tree;

© All images are property of The Sanity Fairy

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