What Piers Morgan said

Piers Morgan – for those of you who are lucky to not know of this name is an English journalist who is currently darkening our screens on ITV. Morgan is known to be controversial and is hated more than loved. Most of what he says, I choose to ignore because he is so far up his own arse he can’t figure out where the sun rises.

In October 2018, a mere two weeks after our own son was born, Morgan took to twitter to jeer at Daniel Craig for carrying his baby in a papoose by saying;

“Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond”

Full article here for your perusal.

Of course there was an uproar calling for Morgan’s head and I strongly agree with said protest. How is it that in 2018 there are people who believe that a man carrying his child is effeminate, soft, emasculated or any other word that deems this to be a female job. Morgan himself has four offspring, now if his viewpoint is that carrying your child is not manly what does he think of feeding, changing and overall care?

I have always loved my husband, of course, but seeing him care for our son has somewhat elevated his pedestal more. I find that his tenderness when playing with him warms my heart and there is nothing sexier than the love of my life carrying our creation in a papoose.

Moving forward towards equality is so crucial. Women working and being mothers without judgement. Men being stay at home dads. Whatever works for you and makes a happy home should be celebrated and encouraged. Men like Daniel Craig carrying their babies shows everyday men that caring for your child is NORMAL. Gone are the days when dads ‘babysat’ their kids and moms couldn’t have a life away from their kids. People like Piers Morgan are spanners in what should be an ever evolving society, arseholes like Piers Morgan leave a bad mark in moving forward as a nation.

My faith in humanity did not waver because famous people, ordinary people and even his co-host called Morgan out on his backwards opinion and his 1950’s mentality. I mean what an absolute prick.


Here’s hubby wearing our little man about to go grocery shopping. Our baby carrier is the Infantino Flip and it was only £27.99!

© All images are property of The Sanity Fairy

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