Which nappies to buy for newborns

The world over knows the Pampers brand, but just because it is worldwide and popular is it the best? I decided that the best way to find the right nappies for my son was through trial and error so I bought nappies from all over.

In the UK, all our supermarkets have in house brand products so I went for a bunch of these, threw in a curve ball from Superdrug and of course, the infamous Pampers. I rated the nappies across four categories; fit, absorption, feel, design and price.

Ideally there should be packs of newborn nappies with several from each brand for new parents to try because every bum is different and what works for us may be an abysmal failure for you! Its always good to have an impartial input so I ran a survey across 106 parents and got the following results;


The most expensive nappies were Pampers, Little Star and Loved by us. Pampers being the most pricey at £0.14 per nappy. The rest of the brands all came in at the same cost per nappy of £0.04. My son goes through 10-12 nappies per day easy, so that’s a saving of £1.20 PER DAY by switching from Pampers to Mamia, for example.

This is what we thought of the ones we tried;

LITTLE STAR (Superdrug)

Fit: Really strange leg cuff sizing going on. Not comfortable.

Absorption: Not as great as any of the other brands.

Feel: Felt thin and not very padded.

Design: Nothing special.

Price: at £0.12 per nappy, not worth it.

Rating: 2/5


Fit: Great. Leg cuffs were soft and flexible.

Absorption: Several layers to keep baby dry after a wee.

Feel: As above, several layers of various padding.

Design: Tabs were larger than most which made it easier for quick changes.

Price: You get what you pay for.

Rating: 5/5


Fit: Static.

Absorption: Ok but nothing to write home about.

Feel: Not soft

Design: No wet indicator which I personally really enjoy on all the other nappies we tried.

Price: £0.13. No no no.

Rating: 1/5

LITTLE ONES (Sainsburys)

Fit: Quite a long nappy but leg cuffs were a good fit

Absorption: Good

Feel: They were soft but they lacked the extra comfort layers

Design: The two line indicator was great

Price: Bargain

Rating: 3/5


Fit: Super. Leg cuffs were flexible and comfortable.

Absorption: The closest thing to the Pampers layering – really effective.

Feel: Soft and as above, the layers.

Design: Tabs were a good size and wetness indicator was great.

Price: £0.04 per nappy

Rating: 5/5


Fit: Too tight which was strange because he fell right in between the advised weight for size 1.

Absorption: Good

Feel: Soft but not layered

Design: Tabs were a bit short for my liking

Price: Bargain price.


Based on our personal experience and the 106 kind people who contributed their opinion, Pamper is the evident winner of nappies for newborns but Mamia offer the same brilliant layering in their nappies along with the comfortable fit in the leg cuffs and the price makes Mamia the clear choice for us.

While I hope this has been super helpful, all skin types and babies are unique so whilst Mamia may be the best nappy brand for us all round, it may give your baby a rash so don’t go stocking up like a mad person (I know the temptation is real to tick another big thing off your list!). Like most things in this life, try before you buy*

*before you buy shit loads

© These images are not the property of The Sanity Fairy

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