Ewan the dream sheep

Every new parent wants a miracle solution to help their newborn sleep. We all want to win the lottery too.

Soon after our son was born we were gifted with Ewan the dream sheep who came highly recommended.

Ewan glows pink and plays four sounds; actual womb recordings, a vacuum cleaner, rainfall and a harp melody with a background of a heartbeat (that isn’t computer generated). You can strap him up by his tail to hang above your baby. The sounds play for twenty minutes at a time before fading out. The pink glow not only acts like a night light but mimics what the baby would have seen when housed up inuterio.

Above what Ewan does, it’s the piles and piles of positive reviews that Ewan has received for saving nap times the world over.

Ewan wasn’t a miracle worker for us in that our son didn’t start all of a sudden start sleeping in his moses basket without fussing but it definitely helped settle him when he wasn’t being held and when he woke up in the middle of the night it soothed him after a feed and a change.

He paid no attention to it for the first few weeks so if you’re experimenting with Ewan, give him a chance to have an impact.

Worth a try for under £30! You can read more about it and buy it here.

Here’s Ewan helping our little man take a nap on his bedroom floor while we cleaned the house!

©All images are property of The Sanity Fairy

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